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Top 6 Tourist Attractions in Williams Arizona

Posted on 25 Jan, 2024 at 05:21 pm - by

Williams Arizona a paradise for travel enthusiasts, home to a variety of activities beckons you to come and venture into its deep depths of amusements. Though a small town Williams boasts an array of excursions that you can embark on, from a stroll into the wildlife park to shopping in the Valle Town Stop and from hiking in the luxurious Sycamore Canyon to the exhilarating Route 66 zipline. The list of things to see in Williams Arizona goes on and on, but in this article, we take you through the top 6 tourist attractions, that’ll make your whole trip more than just amazing! 

Bearizona Wildlife Park 

Bearizona Wildlife Park in Williams, Arizona isn't your average destination - it's a one-of-a-kind, unmissable experience that connects you with the wild. It's a front-row seat to the pulsating rhythms of nature, where you can meet black bears, wolves, bison, and mountain goats right up close. You'll be chilling in your car or taking the park's shuttle bus, not a car in the world, totally captivated by these fantastic animals. More of a walker? There's plenty for you too! You can have a laid-back walk around the animal enclosures and say hello to the otters, foxes, and mightily impressive Jaguars. Don't skip the bird of prey demonstration! It's your chance to discover the silent but deadly flying prowess of Horned Owls and Hawks, all thanks to expert bird handlers. So, what's holding you up? Secure a day ticket and make your Williams trip a wild adventure with Bearizona Wildlife Park. 


Sycamore Canyon 

Take up the dare and head to Sycamore Canyon, the second-largest hiking trail in Arizona, which extends to over 20 miles. Not only does this place allow for hiking, but those who love rock climbing, fishing, wildlife observing and more can also enjoy right here. Some of the most popular trails are the Parsons Trail, which is situated in the Wilderness Area, and the Sycamore Rim Trail which has a stunning vista at the end of the Canyon. It would be recommended that you carry proper necessities such as food, water, sunscreen, and first aid facilities with you as this attraction in Williams Arizona is more than just touristy. 

Valle Travel Stop 

If you are visiting Williams AZ for the first time, then the Valle Travel stop is a must-visit destination. This is one of the things to see in Williams AZ, as it is a popular shopping Plaza amongst people that visit William from all around the globe. Situated about 30 minutes away from the north of Route 64 this shop is where you can find native products like jewelry, artwork, vintage signs, southwestern gifts, and well-crafted antiques so that you can take them as souvenirs for your loved ones. Head to the Rocks and More store, which is located in the Plaza complex and boasts thin-on-the-ground and awe-inspiring rocks, minerals, fossils, and an elegant jewelry collection.  

Route 66 Zipline 

Hold on tight as we zoom through the Route 66 zipline which is suspended at a height of 1400ft, providing spectacular vistas of the Grand Canyon below. All you've got to do is sit down, strap your belts, and prepare yourself for an exhilarating trip on the zipline as if you are soaring through the magnificent sky. Look down and you’ll be enveloped in the ambiance of the nostalgic town of Williams and the majestic serenity of the Grand Canyon. Route 66 zipline is a simple yet enjoyable activity, which is safe to navigate and enjoy with family and friends.    

Kaibab Lake Campgrounds 

Nestled in the pulsating heart of Kaibab National Forest in northern Arizona, with Grand Canyon National Park situated just 60 miles north, the Kaibab Lake campgrounds are one of the spectacular things to see in Williams Arizona. The campground is bordered by lush greenery and surrounded by majestic pine tree forests, whilst wildflowers add to the vibrant palette of colors, as it is perched on a heightened ground of 6,800 feet. The Kaibab Lake is a hot spot for fishing enthusiasts and those in search of the perfect picnic area. RV and motorhome campers are fully welcomed here to immerse in the calm surroundings. Disconnect from the hustle and bustle of urban life as you reconnect with nature and indulge in recreational activities along with stunning sightseeing opportunities. 

Canyon Coaster Adventure Park 

Feel the adrenaline rush as you enter this spectacular attraction in Williams Arizona, the perfect haven for the daredevils. Indulge in the experience of the mile-long track as the panoramic mountain scenery accompanies you along your path. Ride the vast array of thrilling rides featured in Canyon Coaster Adventure Park, that range from steep descents to crazy dips, and from stomach-twisting twists to 360-degree corkscrews. If none of that suits you then hop on the uphill conveyor which is completely covered in plexiglass, making your trip to the top of the hill pleasant and simple.  
To conclude, there are multiple things to see in Williams Arizona, but choosing the right ones that suit you perfectly is an important step. In this small town, you’ll be open to splendid hospitality, serene vistas, and thrilling rides, as in the above-listed attractions. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your backpack and essentials and embark on this stunning journey to the Gateway to the Grand Canyon.  

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